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I want to be a lamppost, or the history of plumbing
I am tired of being mysterious.
sherlock: pilot picspam 
07 09 10

Someone take me away from my computer.

It begins! No flashbacks that indicate confusing amount of front-line action for an army doctor. The difference in cinematography is immediately apparent - maybe it's just the shock of change but it's really quite bad.

Ella: How's your blog going?
John: Mmm, fine. Good. Very good.
Ella: Written much?
John : Not a word.
Ella: John. It's going to take you a while to adjust to civilian life.
John : Yes. Sure.
Ella: And it would help so much to write about everything that happens to you.
John : Nothing happens to me.

And then there is a truly dreadful title sequence. "Sherlock" appears in static-y letters that then...sort of fly out towards the screen for some reason. The music is more synthetic than in the aired version. I have a post about all the little changes that greatly improved the finished product, but changing the titles was one of the big ones. Because we can all agree that the current Sherlock titles are fantastic and gorgeous.

Bearded!Anderson in the only glimpse we get of the previous "sucides" - and we don't even see the victim, just the doorway (it's not a very exciting doorway either, truth be told). Again, another big change that made the aired version that much better.

This time John meets Mike Stanford on a street and they talk in a restaurant.

Similar scene here, only bluer and with less music.

Again, moving this scene from a computer lab to a...lab-lab, made for a big difference. Also Sherlock Holmes firing off some emails with ACD references is much too self-conscious.

One of the few things I did prefer about the pilot was Cumberbatch's hair. I was surprised to realise how many people didn't know he was naturally a ginger - clearly they weren't as utterly distracted by his eyebrows as I was. What this means is he can pull off auburn far more convincingly than black.

"Mrs. Hudson's Snax 'n' Sarnies" - really?

John : Oh I er, looked you up on the internet last night.
Sherlock: Anything interesting?
John : Found your website. "The Science of Deduction".
Sherlock : What did you think?
John : Quite amusing I suppose.
Sherlock : Amusing?
John : You said you could identify a software designer by his tie and what was it, a retired plumber by his left hand.
Sherlock : Yes, and I can read your military career by your face and your leg and your brothers drinking habits by your mobile phone.
Mrs. Hudson: The state of this place already!
John : How.
Sherlock : You read the article.
John : The article was absurd.
Sherlock : But I know about his drinking habits, I even know that he left his wife.
Mrs. Hudson: What about these suicides then Sherlock, thought that'd be right up your street. Been a forth one now!
Sherlock : Yes actually, very much up my street.
John : Can I just ask - what is "your street"?

I can only imagine the "Damn my leg!" bit is some reference to earlier stories, otherwise it's the most awkward line ever conceived. I also love the way the fact that the newspaper runs the suicide story with a large picture of Lestrade's face looking sultry - ditto later on with Sherlock's laptop - rather than than of, say, the victims (again, rectified in the aired version).

This is much the same.

Someone pointed this out, but the pilot taxi scenes are rather obviously blue screened - I rather like the way in the aired version, they frequently use reflections, either of London on the windows, or of the characters in mirrors.

Weird music over the swooping fly-around.

John : That was... amazing.
Sherlock: You think so.
John : Of course it was. It was extraordinary, it was quite extraordinary.
Sherlock: It's not what people usually say.
John : What do they usually say?
Sherlock: Piss off.

Slight change in inflection of the "Piss off" - in the pilot he could actually be telling John to piss off, whereas the tone he uses in the aired version make it clear he's quoting.

In this version, Sherlock actually puts on the blue suit thingie - not entirely sure about this change. Possibly it was meant as a further display of his vanity/irreverance, or meant to imply that Sherlock might want to contaminate the crime scene, making the suspicion that he could be the/a killer that pops up later in the episode more plausible.

Lestrade : Footprint analysis says that the only other person in this room in the last twelve hours was a man, about five foot seven, and it seems he and the victim arrived together by car. All identification from the body is missing, just like the others.

Some people (on the Amazon.co.uk) - found the text stuff gimmicky and annoying, which in all honesty makes me think they're old. It's certainly much better than the alternative, which is this: watching some guy poke and...sniff at a body for a minute or so.

I can't believe Stephen Moffatt thought the Werewolf Sherlock on the roof was a good idea. And to top it off the music - I don't even know what that's meant to signify. Sometimes, like with the lion thing in Jekyll, I really question his taste.

Instead of being kidnapped by Mycroft, John wanders around his (hotel room? really small flat?) for a bit, and then gets impatient in a taxi. Couldn't help notice that the taxi had a VAIO on the side. Is that an unusually discrete ad or product placement? Is that how they paid for John's laptop?

John : Maybe Sgt. Donovan was right about you.
Sherlock: What did she say?
John : Said you're a psychopath.
Sherlock: Oh, didn't think she was that smart.
John : She said one day they're going to show up at a murder scene and you'll have provided the body.

Sherlock: May as well eat, might be waiting a long time.
John : Hmmm. Are you going to?
Sherlock: What day is it?
John : It's Wednesday.
Sherlock: I'm okay for a bit.
John : You haven't eaten toda- for God's sake you need to eat!
Sherlock: No, you need to eat, I need to think, the brain's what counts, everything else is transport.
John : You might consider refuelling.
John : So, do you have a girlfriend that feeds you up sometimes?
Sherlock: That what girlfriends do? "Feed you up"?
John : You don't have a girlfriend then.
Sherlock: It's not really my area.
John : Oh. Right. Do you have a boyfriend...?
John : Which is fine by the way.
Sherlock: I know it's fine.
John : So you don't have a boyfriend then-
Sherlock: No.
John : Right. Okay. So, unattached, like me. Good.
Sherlock: John, you should know I consider myself married to my work, and while I'm flattered by your interest, I'm really not looking for any kind of -
John : No! No, no. I wasn't asking you out, no - I'm just saying, it's all fine. What ever takes your - boat. I'm going to shut up now.
Sherlock: Think that's for the best.
John : So. You. Don't do. Anything.
Sherlock: Everything else, is transport.

Another plus for the pilot - Sherlock's realisation that the culprit is a taxi driver comes much sooner and is therefore much more believable.

Sherlock: Watch, don't interfere. Angelo! Headless nun.
Angelo : Ah, now that was a case. Same again?
Sherlock: If you wouldn't mind
Angelo : Out of my restaurant you cretin, you drunk, [something in Italian] - and stay away!

Jeff : Hello?
Sherlock: How do you make them take the poison?
Jeff : What? What - what did you say?
Sherlock: I said - how do you make them take the poison?!
Jeff : Oi - who are you?
Sherlock: Sherlock Holmes.
Jeff : Do a lot of drugs, Sherlock Holmes?
Sherlock: Not in a while.
Jeff : I ask because you're very resiliant. Most people would've passed out by now.
Sherlock: Uagh!

The syringe hanging out of his arm was a little melodramatic.

Jeff : [assumably to passers-by] It's all right, he's just had a few!
Sherlock: John! John!

But this was precious.

John : Something's gone wrong.
Angelo: No no no, all part of the plan. Sherlock always has a plan.
John : Yes, and it's gone wrong.

Because they're soulmates, John can tell that Sherlock isn't acting, and genuinely neeeeeeds him. And then chases after the taxi.

Jeff : Your strong. I'm impressed. That's right, you warm yourself up. I made everything nice and cosy for you.
Sherlock: This is my flat.
Jeff : 'Course it is yeah! Found your keys in your jacket. I thought well, why not. People like to die at home.

Jeff : I could do anything I wanted to you right now Mr. Holmes.
Jeff : Anything at all.

after which we see Sherlock's underpants. These two things are probably not related.

Jeff : Do you think I'm bitter?
Sherlock: Well you have just murdered five people.
Jeff : I've outlived five people. That's the most fun you can have with an aneurism
Sherlock: What if I don't take either?
Jeff : Then I choose for you and I force it down your throat. Right now there's nothing you can do to stop me. Funnily enough no one's ever gone for that option. And I don't think you will either.
Sherlock: [as phone rings] Especially as that's the police.
Jeff : I know, I know. I'm not blind.
Sherlock: [smiles] Good old Doctor Watson. I underestimated him.

I think giving Jeff a gun, or any kind of weapon, in the aired version was horribly important. I mean, let's face it. He is an old man. I have the approximate strength of a dead paraplegic kitten and even I would think, yeah, I could take him. And by "take him" I mean "run faster than him" or "chuck the pills out the window" or "take my chances with a table leg" or "phone the police" or quite a number of things really. He can't stab all of them with syringes full of Medicine, or no one would have called them suicides to begin with.

Lestrade : Did anyone see it? Where did it come from? Who is firing?! Who is firing?!

Sherlock : The bullet they just dug out of my wall was from a hand gun. A shot clean through the heart over that distance, that's a crack shot you're looking for, but not just a marksman, a fighter, his hand couldn't have shaken at all, so clearly he was acclimatised to violence. He didn't fire until I was in immediate danger, though. So, strong moral principles. You're looking for a man probably with a history of military service, nerves of steel...
Sherlock: Actually do you know what. Ignore me.
Lestrade : I'm sorry?
Sherlock: Ignore what I just said, it's the shock talking. Probably need this blanket.
Lestrade : Where are you going?
Sherlock: [walking towards John] Ah, just need to ah, discuss the rent.
Lestrade : Sherlock. Were you right.
Sherlock: I'm sorry?
Lestrade : Did you choose the right pill.
Sherlock: I don't know - in all the confusion I lost track. I don't know which I chose.
Lestrade : Maybe he beat you.
Sherlock: Maybe - but he's dead!

Sherlock: Where is it?
John : Where's what?
Sherlock: Don't just - don't - what did you do with the gun?
John : Oh, ah, bottom of the Thames.
Sherlock: We need to get rid of the powder burns on your fingers. I don't suppose you'd do time for this but let's avoid the court case.
John : So I ran after the cab, called the police of course, and then I thought, better keep an eye on you.
Sherlock: Are you all right?
John : Of course I'm all right.
Sherlock: You have just killed a man.
John : I've seen men die before - good men, friends of mine - thought I'd never sleep again. I'll sleep fine tonight.
Sherlock: Quite right.
John : You were going to take the damn pill weren't you.
Sherlock: Of course not, playing for time.
John : No, you weren't. It's how you get your kicks isn't it. Risking your life to prove you're clever.
Sherlock: Why would I do that?
John : Because you're an idiot.
Sherlock: Dinner?
John : Starving.
Sherlock: There's a good Chinese at the end of the road. It stays open 'till two. You can always tell a good Chinese by examining the bottom third of the door handle.
Lestrade : Oi! Sherlock. I've still got questions for you.
John : Er, Inspector Lestrade, to my certain knowledge this man hasn't eaten for several days. Now if you want him alive for your next case what he's going to do right now, is have dinner.
Lestrade : Well who the hell are you.
John : I'm his doctor.
Sherlock: And only a fool argues with his doctor.
Lestrade : Okay, I'll pull you in tomorrow. Off you go.
John : Thank-you.
Sherlock: So, "ran after a cab" - told you that limp was psychosomatic .
John : I knew it was.
Sherlock: You did get shot, though.
John : Oh yeah. In the shoulder.
Sherlock: Ah.
Mrs. Hudson: Sherlock! What have you done to my house.
Sherlock: Nothing wrong with your house Mrs. Hudson, which is more than can be said for the dead serial killer on the first floor.
Mrs. Hudson: Dead what?!
Sherlock: Good news for London, bad news for your carpet. [hands her the shock!blanket] Good night Mrs. Hudson.
Mrs. Hudson: I'm not your house keeper!
John : 'Night Mrs Hudson!
Mrs. Hudson: I'm going in.

Lestrade : Sgt. Donovan.
Sgt. Donovan : Sir?
Lestrade : I'm going to need those two in tomorrow.
Sgt. Donovan : What two sir?
Lestrade : Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson.

Oops, I just transcribed the last scene entirely.

telly » sherlock
17 09 10 (UTC)
This is amazing! Really interesting to consider. I still haven't watched the original pilot but I'm glad they made the changes they did.
17 09 10 (UTC)

There are some good lines in the pilot that didn't make it through - but a lot of the time I spent watching it I was thinking about how amazingly generous the BBC was to commission a series based on just that.
17 09 10 (UTC)
Really enjoyed reading this (and looking at all the pretty)

Although the scene with John and Stanford in the restaurant was more true to the book I prefer how they did it in the aired episode. Seemed so much more bland and cold in a ...atmospheric kind of way.

It's certainly much better than the alternative, which is this: watching some guy poke and...sniff at a body for a minute or so.

TOTALLY agree, I loved how we could see Sherlock working out everything about the body like we get to see a part of that genius inside his head for a bit :)

after which we see Sherlock's underpants. This alone made the Pilot worth watching. /shallow comment is...shallow.

Anywho...I won't ramble on forever...awesome spam! :D
17 09 10 (UTC)

I love the way that, it's on the screen for like two seconds, but EVERYONE NOTICES THE UNDERWEAR.
(Deleted comment)
17 09 10 (UTC)
I agree about the hair. The darker color (and the paler face makeup in the aired version) makes him look more posh and less blokey.
17 09 10 (UTC)
I'd replace "posh" with "ghoulish" there. And he's an odd looking chap at the best of times.

I had forgotten about the make-up! I think generally, Sherlock in the aired version is colder and sharper - it's a characterisation I prefer, although doubtless he will thaw over the course of the series. From the warmth of John's love, obviously.
(Deleted comment)
17 09 10 (UTC)
Thank-you! All the time I spend photoshopping things for tumblr is not in vain!
17 09 10 (UTC)
I totally agree with everything you said. *nods* Nice caps again, too. :D
17 09 10 (UTC)
I like it!!! :D Thank you for that!!!
04 10 10 (UTC)
Everything (almost) you pointed out is about storytelling. They did a much better job in the aired version. Though it was nice to see the original version, I'm glad they made the changes that they did.

Edited at 2010-10-04 04:29 am (UTC)
06 11 10 (UTC)
I saw the pilot tonight and I loved it. And yes, that was precious - John knowing something was wrong after knowing Sherlock for one day and Angelo, an old friend, assuming it was all fine. I have to admit, I really liked seeing Sherlock's weak side there and that reliance on John coming through.

So yeah, even though the pilot had a few obvious problems with it, I still really enjoyed it.

Have to say though: BC's hair is to DIE for! :)
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