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I want to be a lamppost, or the history of plumbing
I am tired of being mysterious.
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Say hello! Not really using LJ enough to justify
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I don't even know, man. Title from One Love Story, Eight Takes by Brenda Shaughnessy. I feel there should be notes for the references. Only one canned coffee was harmed in the making of this fic, but a fuck-load of tea was brutally murdered. Please forgive my ignorance, point out the inevitable typos, etc.

this is how frantic I hollowed out
bigbang; M; gtop.
4500~; Once, you could have opened your mouth over that spot, caught it, claimed it, breathed music against it. Now, the hinges of your jaw would probably creak with the effort. post-breakup future!fic. Jiyong and Seunghyun meet years later, dragging with them the memories of their live's knotted trajectories. Also, jokes.

claim forever is a close and honest friendCollapse )
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I'm writing fic again, woo! And reading a lot of poetry. I have a TSN thing I'm writing too, and sketches of a Sherlock thing mostly in my head. But now, the Pacific fic I started writing six months ago.

had my head in the oven so you'd know where I'll be
pacific; PG; sledge/snafu.
It’s not time to wake up until he says your name

now your back's to the roadCollapse )
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an ode to the smaller changes made when remaking the first episode of Sherlock.

xCollapse )
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And it's not Tony Abbott!

Also, first elected female prime minister of Australia (sorta)
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